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Where’s the Nearest Happy Hour?

Arrrghh!!! I Want a Pint of Grog Too!!!

Arrrghh!!! I Want a Pint of Grog Too!!!

This bird’s got it’s priorities straight….don’t fall off your pearch now!!!!…HHParrot

If I Were a Rich Man…ba, da, da, da da!

True Love!

True Love!

140-Year Old Lobster Freed (Life in New England)

In this photo released by the People for the Ethical Treatment ...
“George” a live 20 pound lobster rests on a plate at City Crab & Seafood in NY. They have spared the lobster which is expected to be released Sat. Jan. 10, 2009 near Kennebunkport Maine, in an area where lobster trapping is forbidden. “George’s” age is gauged at about 140 using a rule of thumb based on weight!

Way to go “George”….no Presidential pardons required here…”live long and prosper”…we won’t expect to see you on any Happy Hour menus anytime soon!…..HHParrot

Cape Cod Happy Hour Legend–DJ Sullivan!

DJ Sullivan Happy Hours--Awesome (UMass Amherst & Cape Cod)!

DJ Sullivan Happy Hours--Awesome (UMass Amherst & Cape Cod)!

Does anyone know where this guy is today? Heard he may be on the run with “Paula the Baller” and/or “Mr. Tequila!”¬† Thanks for all the memories and your incredible Happy Hours DJ…you entertained more than a generation of us summer’s on the Cape!….God Bless America!…..HHParrot!

John Morgan (a.k.a. Rico Flashback)

"Rico Flashback Has Just Arrived Outside in His 57 Chevy!"

"Rico Flashback Has Just Arrived Outside in His 57 Chevy!"

Another John Morgan Happy Hour action photo taken at The Pub in Amherst, MA…(circa ?) Those were the days my friends…HHParrot!

Cape Cod Happy Hour Legend–John M. Morgan

John M. Morgan and the "M" Stands for Massive!

John M. Morgan and the "M" Stands for Massive!

Hey, all you Cape Cod¬†Happy Hour Junkies…..thought you’d enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with this picture of the master himself..John M. Morgan (A.K.A. Rico Flashback)!


Report on Snookyville (expat life in Asia)

Hello to the HHP,
Guess it’s time to regale you with another tale of Southeast Asia, and how things go. You see…

I have just returned from a one week trip to see my old buddy, Ken, who now lives in Sihanoukville (or Snookyville, as Ken says all the guys like to call it). I guess it’s been about 6 months since Ken moved there and after so many superlatives about the place I thought I’d just better head on down there and have a look for myself. Cheap hotels! Cheap booze! Cheap evening activities (use imagination here)! Good food… cheap! Beautiful beaches… free! Ken, G-d bless him, lives by the simplest of rules: Party hardy, and never spend more than you have to! So, it only took me about 15 minutes, sitting in the Freedom Bar after arriving from Phnom Penh, to find out that Ken was indeed right about one thing…the price of meaningful-or-not companionship in Snookyville.

Being the cool, calm and generally appealing sort that I am, I sipped a vodka & orange sitting in a wicker armchair, my rolling backpack alongside, minding my business (although I really had none) and bothering absolutely no one. I guess I was there about 5 minutes when a pretty young thing wearing pink pants slipped around the corner beside me, gave a warm look & a shy smile, then slowly turned and slipped back from whence she’d come. Hmmm, says I shrewdly. So, only about 30 seconds passed before I was up and moving, off to (find the head as well as) scope out the area from which my true and everlasting new love had come.

She sat at a round table with two other girls but I couldn’t see them. I was too busy cagily slipping around the corner, giving HER a warm look & my best shy smile. Then, I was moved to turn towards the back of the place- I had to hit the head! (Not very romantic, I know, but hey…!) Mere moments later, when I came out, she was sitting with her back to the path she figured I’d take. Not surprised, me- I kinda figured she’d do that. So, I just mozied on back to my drink and, well… drank. (Super-cool to the end, no?) Now, after 10 total minutes in Snookyville, I ordered another drink from my 4 ft. 8 or 9″ waitress with the STAFF t-shirt, who smiled and giggled into her hand when I asked her if the young lady with the pink jeans sitting around the corner was available to maybe, ah, have a drink with, ah… me, ah… hmmmmmm…?

Now, it’s approximately 11 minutes since I arrived and now she arrives… at my table… with her two friends. Now, I see them… and, Whoa! Decked out for the evening and ready to slay, or what girls?! Young, sexy, lovely, shy(?)- The 3 Miss Cambodia contestants now all sit down, cross their legs and begin their Welcome Stranger routine… and I loved it! They were Fon, Mom & Sim. Mom did most of the talking, and Fon was smiling up a storm, but it was the dark, demure Sim who held my attention. 19 years old… and pink pants, too… whoa, whoa! Not that the other 2 weren’t beautiful, but Sim was so lovely it was shocking…!

Mom was a veritable fountain of information, and all spoken sweetly in more than acceptable English (watch out here): She and her 2 friends were out tonight and available for just about anything; they didn’t have boyfriends right now; they really loved 50-something Americans (lucky, whew…!); we could all go down to the beach if I wanted, or just one; or we could stay here and play pool; or… drum roll please… just as the clock struck 15 minutes… I could take any 1 or more of them home to my hotel for US$10… $20 if I wanted a sleepover! And then Sim smiled at me… and I loved it!

And there’s your 15 minute Fast Track to Paradise… come as you are, I guess!

Anyway, the beaches in Snookyville were really lovely too. Clean & fun, with lots of food places and bars with big, cushioned papasan chairs. And some good people, too. The friendliest ones I met were guys who now live there. Drank snake whiskey mixed with Bailey’s with a few one night… then switched to Absinthe (120 proof & only US$10.70 at the local minimart!) My favorite beach (of the 6, or so) was Serendipity Beach, also known as Ochheuteal Beach. It’s about a 700 meter crescent, very laid-back. My hotel was great, too- only US$13- night, with frig, pirate satellite tv w/movies, etc., a/c, balcony, etc. The food ranged from Khmer to French, Chinese, Thai, German, U.S., Swedish and more and I never paid more than US$8 or $9 for a meal. Oh, yeah… and (they tell me) the ganja is very, very good and very cheap (US$10- for a 3-day bag)!

So, that’s it for now from Snookyville… details at eleven. Any questions?