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Cape Cod Happy Hour Legend–John M. Morgan

John M. Morgan and the "M" Stands for Massive!

John M. Morgan and the "M" Stands for Massive!

Hey, all you Cape Cod Happy Hour Junkies…..thought you’d enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with this picture of the master himself..John M. Morgan (A.K.A. Rico Flashback)!



  g flynn wrote @

John Morgan was great .He sang a song. My eggs don’t taste the same with out you. I sang it to my kids when they were young. I hope he is still alive.My kids still sing that song today.

  happyhourparrot wrote @

“My Eggs Don’t Taste the Same Without You” is a classic written by Doug Lapham (Barnswollow) of the Fabulous Farquahr and originally performed/recorded by them! John Morgan and many of the Happy Hour greats incorporated it as part of there performances….truly a fun sing-a-long song! John Morgan is still performing on Cape Cod, you can visit his website to see locations, times, etc. at http://www.johnmorganhappyhour.com

  George Kotros wrote @

I was at a packed John Morgan/ Crystal Palace HH I guess maybe late 70’s and John spotted an entertainer friend from the west coast in the audience. He invited him up to do a song and the guy sang “Folsom Prison Blues.” The place went crazy. I’ll never forget that.

  Colleen wrote @

The Happy Hour Legend, John Morgan, will be at Jake Rooney’s June 18, 2011 at 7:30 Hope to see ya there! Bring your appetite try our new STONEGRILL!!

  dannyhatt wrote @

A long long time ago in Manchester Ct I walked into the Manchester Pub with some buddies. One of my buddies was a huge guy, and John was on stage playing. My buddy knocked on the stage and asked John if I can play the harmonica with him. The rest is history. That was a great night. Thanks for the opportunity.. Danny Hatt

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