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The “Spirit of Spring Break” is Fast Approaching!


AHHHH…the smell of sea, sand and suntan oil….did someone say HAPPY HOUR? What could be finer than some beach music, the sight of bikinis and a cold, frosty BEER!….We’re more than ready!…..HHParrot!

Sorry Guys…..& Girls—New Hampshire Pushes for 1-Drink-per-Hour Law! Tell Me It Ain’t So…Better Drink Up Fast!


How can you do a proper Happy Hour with that logic….unless you use a very BIG glass! Are we viewing the beginning of the end of the Happy Hour?….HHParrot!

Pufferbellies—-Do You Remember This Place?


The old converted train depot and landmark in Hyannis, holding over 1,000 fun seekers…and home for years to some very awesome John Morgan Happy Hours!

Way Hay and Up She Rises…Earl-eye in the Morning!


“What do you do with a Drunken Sailor”…..one of the great tavern drinking songs of all time!…..HHParrot!

Fabulous Farquahr…”The Pizza Boy”….Delivers!


I wonder if this guy is applying for the part of the Pizza Delivery Boy in Doug Lapham’s (a.k.a. Barnswallow Farquahr) very funny song…”The Pizza Boy”……should they ever turn it into a movie? The delivery boy must deliver pizzas to the “Red Light” district of his town where the girls are most interested in the sizes of “sausage and pepperoni”:)…..HHParrot

Fabulous Farquahr….McGowan Brother’s Hot Rod Roadster!


Thought some of you might be interested to learn……. 

Both Dennis and Frank McGowan (both now sadly deceased) of Fabulous Farquahr fame as Condor and Flamingo….were avid collector car buffs. According to Hot Rod publications, back in 1955 in Branford, CT as teenagers, they built this Hot Rod from a 1931 Model A Roadster, a wrecked 1940 Ford Coupe and a chassis from a 1932 Ford pickup. Very SWEET!….HHParrot

Fabulous Farquahr’s 2nd Album! (1970)


It’s simply titled “Farquahr” but is now available on CD…it was re-released in 2008! I found and was the winning bid on Ebay of a mint, unopened LP of this second album…then learned about the CD.  Also have a CD copy of their 3rd Album (a gift from a friend)…titled “From the Top”…which I believe to be their best ever, with lots of new very funny songs like, “Pizza Boy” and “Hotel Cloud 9” and “I’ll Show You Mine Dear, If You Show Me Yours!”  Here’s what All Music has to say:  http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:fzfpxqy5ldke~T0