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Rare Find–John Morgan’s “Live” LP Album—Autographed!

OK all you John Morgan fans….how many of you remember or have seen this gem…I’d guess this is circa 1968 and believe this was John’s only “live” musical release.  And this may also be one of the few still “above water”…let me explain. I can recall vividly down at The Sandy Pond Club on the Cape, one summer many moons ago during Happy Hour breaks, John held contests to see who could “skip/skim” his albums the furthest across the pond! So, I thought we’d have to use scuba gear to find any but thanks to this album’s long time owner, Charlie F. from Randolph sharing with us…we know at least one survived! The songs are wonderful…bringing us back to a much “kinder-gentler” time! ….HH Parrot