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Boston Sunday Herald Announces– “History of the Cape Cod Happy Hour” the Movie!!

According to the Boston Sunday Herald, “Inside Track” section (8/29/10)…there’s an independent film crew interested in making a documentary film about the History of the Cape Cod Happy Hour and all the legendary greats that made it all happen like; John Morgan, DJ Sullivan, Paul Wayne, Jim Plunkett, Khris Wales, Mike Lynch, Billy White, Gordie Milne…the Fabulous Farquahr, the Pine Brothers and others; that performed at historic Happy Hour hotspots like the Improper Bostonian, Pufferbellies, the Mill Hill Club, the Crystal Palace et al. WELL IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! Imagine all those lost performances over the years (before cellphone cameras & YouTube video) that have been lost to the ages! Wonder if anything was privately captured on film? Check your closets and basements..maybe it could wind up in the film! For sure, we can tap into the old “memory banks” (while we still have them) and share our experiences.  It was truly an unbelievable time in our youthful developments…for many, perhaps the best times of our lives! So confess all to “Father Parrot”:)…I know they’re reading this blog. Cheers, HHParrot

“Snap-Jack” Shoes—Rico Flashback’s (a.k.a. John Morgan’s) Favorite!!

Attention all you “Cool Cats” out there…remember these? These “Snap Jack” shoes, also know as “Mouse Trap” shoes because of their Shu-Lock mechanism, were all the rage during the 50’s and 60’s with the Rockabilly circle; including Elvis, Carl Perkins and Gene Vincent! And of course today still worn by our one and only Rico Fashback (a.k.a. John Morgan). They have tried to copy them in Japan but the originals still remain King….are very rare and worth big bucks….check your closets and yardsales! I bought my first pair at Thom McAnn’s in Quincy SQ. but sadly lost them over the years! I’d like to thank Michael Y. for sharing these very rare advertising images!….HH Parrot

John Morgan is “Alive and Dangerous” on Cape Cod!

Hey fellows “Happy Hour” junkies…planning a vacation trip to the Cape soon? Well, try and work in catching John Morgan at Ocean’s Saloon in Hyannis…if you can get in, he’s booked all summer long Friday night’s 7-9! And as the poster says, he’s “Alive & Dangerous!” Belly up to the bar and let the memories and good times roll!!!!….HH Parrot