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Boston Sunday Herald Announces– “History of the Cape Cod Happy Hour” the Movie!!

According to the Boston Sunday Herald, “Inside Track” section (8/29/10)…there’s an independent film crew interested in making a documentary film about the History of the Cape Cod Happy Hour and all the legendary greats that made it all happen like; John Morgan, DJ Sullivan, Paul Wayne, Jim Plunkett, Khris Wales, Mike Lynch, Billy White, Gordie Milne…the Fabulous Farquahr, the Pine Brothers and others; that performed at historic Happy Hour hotspots like the Improper Bostonian, Pufferbellies, the Mill Hill Club, the Crystal Palace et al. WELL IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! Imagine all those lost performances over the years (before cellphone cameras & YouTube video) that have been lost to the ages! Wonder if anything was privately captured on film? Check your closets and basements..maybe it could wind up in the film! For sure, we can tap into the old “memory banks” (while we still have them) and share our experiences.  It was truly an unbelievable time in our youthful developments…for many, perhaps the best times of our lives! So confess all to “Father Parrot”:)…I know they’re reading this blog. Cheers, HHParrot


  Gordie Milne wrote @

I have tons of video and slides of my shows at Oar and Anchor , Mill Hill Club and numerous college gigs. Wanna see them? The crazy things people did are amazing.

  Gary Titus wrote @

Gordie was the man at The Mill Hill Club. If they gave out superlatives he would have gotten “Best looking”. Unfortunately, and fortunately for me, it was while I was at Pufferbellies w/ John M. Organ. I did enjoy your post occational HH visits Gordie. Great to hear from you Gordie. GT

  Larry ‘The Captain” Bogue wrote @

hey Gordie I would love to have ONE more happy hour @ Canton but wouldn’t think of doing without you do you still play . Would love to see somw of those videos (Ithink)

  Peter Coullahan wrote @

The gang from Hyde Park & Milton aka Peter, Mark,Mike, would love one more happy hour with Gordie not sure I’m up for peppermint scharpps though the funnel though. The video of the guy eating the light bulb is legendary. Good to here The Captain is still at the ready. Great memories of many an afternoon and evening with Gordie Milne. Most have not been purged from the memory bank. So Good So Good So Good!!!

  Chuck wrote @

Gordie – a 1980″s Falmouth Lifeguard reunion is being planned for August 18th in Falmouth – would you be interested in playing for a couple of hours to kick it off? Let me know and we can work out details. Thanks.

  Kim Hoffer Masson wrote @

Hey Gordie
Do you have anything from the Kings four or Wobbly? That would be interesting. I remember you and Rockin Rod packing the house! Great times. I worked at the Wobbly when Fish was bartending.

  happyhourparrot wrote @

FANTASTIC! I’ll be in touch…..HHParrot!

  Rick Vovcsko wrote @

Howdie all –
I have a bit of material (aka ‘evidence as it would be called in some circles’) and a keen memory for a lot of happy hour history… and a partially compiled short story started.
Love to hear from anyone from those days.

Capn RickV

  Charlie OFD wrote @

My thoughts wander back to my youthful carefree days on Cape Cod when I would head for the Cape on Friday of Memorial Day weekend to attend the marvelous happy hours available at various venues. I look forward to viewing ‘The Kings of Cape Cod’ when it is completed.
Has the ‘Parrot’ landed ?
Good Health my friend

  Walter Santoro wrote @

Does any one remember “The Shoes” at Celebrities? We were there for most Sat afternoons. Pichers of draft beer, plastic cups,refilling anyone’s cup that was low even if you didn’t know them. The shoes used to play “Brown Eyed Girl” and in the middle of the song the lead singer would climb up into the rafters and pour peppermint schnopps into open mouths on the dance floor! Awesome memories! Then they woud l do any assortment of shots….shoe shots, bra shots, ashtray shots and my favoite bikini shots! We had fun.

  That drummer guy wrote @

Glad you remembered!! We also played Friday nights at the Improper Bostonian! Shaun and I left the and and along with the “Good Doctor” of the Blowouts – formed another happy hour band – Cape Cod Travellin All-Stars(Played at Brothers, Guidos, Fannie Maes’, Pufferbellies…)

  Walter Santoro wrote @

How could we forget you guys? Do you still play with the all stars? Maybe we can get our (old) happy hour crew to see you guys! Never been to a better happy hour than with the shoes!

  Gary Titus wrote @

Paul, Good to hear from my Twin Brother. Hope all is well. GT

  sam tafit wrote @

Oh yeah, this was some crazy stuff. I do recall many shoe shots!!!!!!!!

  happyhourparrot wrote @

Hot off the presses!! Here’s a video trailer of the “Kings of Cape Cod Happy Hours” documentary film. We can’t wait for this to be finished!


  Lisa Z wrote @

The Fools were a blast at the Compass Lounge and they really rocked the place. They also played at the Mill Hill and I think Fanny Maes too.

Jim Plunkett is still the best show on the Cape at the Improper Bostonian!!

  totes wrote @

Sunday afternoon, The Tankard North falmouth. Gordie Milne $4.00 pitchers of beer. Use to really work up a sweat!!

  owen_t_orourke@raytheon.com wrote @

It’s here! You can go See the “Kings of Happy Hour” September 29th 2013.
Kings of Cape Cod Concert Very exciting news in case you haven’t already heard. We have 5 of the greatest Happy Hour performers that have ever lived assembled for one night of non-stop entertainment. Please join us at the Lansdowne Pub next to Fenway Park for a night that will bring back lots of memories. It has taken quite some time to line up all their schedules in order for them to be at the same venue for only the second time in 40 years. Just one of these names on the bill would make for a great night but 5 of them together ? It will be epic. Tickets are just $20.00 and will help pay for the completion of the film “Kings of Cape Cod – the story of the Cape Cod Happy Hour”.

call Dan at 781-932-8700

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