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Archive for September, 2010

#1 Halloween Costume for Happy Hours!!

This festive costume brings beer drinking to a new level…at Halloween or any other time of the year! No wonder this mobile party gear will have Happy Hour drinkers lining up for refills! CAREFULL when you pull on those beer taps:) Bottoms Up!….HHParrot

Will Hurricane Earl Close Cape Cod Bridges for Labor Day? John Morgan Has a Solution!!

This is not a new occurance for a seasoned Cape Cod resident! When the bridges are CLOSED and everyone is trapped on the Cape….John Morgan suggests it’s “TIME TO PARTY!” Forget work….and drink up my friends….hayooooooooo!!! John is still performing but to help tap into your memory banks, here’s a vintage photo from Pufferbellies back in the 80’s……HHParrot!