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Happy…..”Happy Hour” Summer—-2011!!!

“Houston the HappyHourParrot Has Landed”….well, just completed another transfer from sunny Southern California to the wilds of Minnesota….”you betcha!” Home of 10,000 lakes, very big snow storms, tornados, hail storms and riding lawn mower races…and lots of Happy Hour dive bars! Two for one’s are still alive and well….with HUGE beer selections….a joy!! But not to worry, I’m always in a Cape Cod state of mind….and here’s a shot of my computer screensaver to prove it! So, for the next period of time, I’ll be blogging on the Happy Hour scene from a perch that’s in a little bit higher latitude! HHParrot

Oh No….My Weiner’s Gone!

Although political Weiner’s have been grabbing the headlines lately…this guy’s got a “real” weiner problem! I say….continue to drink beer (as long as it’s not his brand), it’s safe and it’s cheaper than gas:) HHParrot

John Morgan Happy Hour Early 1970’s Memorabilia!

Hey blog fans, here’s a “rare” blast from the past….an early 1970’s vintage day-glow John Morgan Happy Hour Bumper Sticker with adhesive back still in place….WOW!!!! Condition is very good with few noticeable beer stains. Forget your 401K…and real estate is in the dumpster….so what is one to do? Here’s an idea….collect Happy Hour Memorabilia…if you can find it, it’s the next investment trend experts say! As New England Baby Boomers try to recapture those great memories from Cape Cod summers….it’s like an archaeological dig finding this stuff, unlike today’s digital photos and videos that record EVERYTHING!!!… HHParrot