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The Keg Room in Springfield, MA..John Morgan Played Here…Remember This??

Documenting Happy Hour history and tracking a living Legend is tough! Here’s just another “On the Road Again” location that for an estimated 15 years, every Friday night, John Morgan played, sang and entertained at this Downtown Springfield, MA landmark!!! “If walls could only talk:)” Following the shows, he’d make the drive up to Mt. Snow in Vermont to play “apres ski” weekend Happy Hours! We’d all love to hear your memories about this location!….HHParrot!

WANTED!! Exterior Photos of Happy Hour Hotspots!

North Country Fair, Vermont                                                                                                                                             Tammany Hall, Worchester, MA

Hello, Happy Hour Parrot Blog fans….we need your help! “The Kings of Cape Cod; the Story of Cape Cod Happy Hours” Project is looking for any exterior photos of old Cape Cod Happy Hour Hotspots; specifically,  The Tankard, The Crystal Palace and The Grogery at Sandy Pond Club! 

For example, above are a couple of exterior pics of popular “off-Cape” Happy Hour locations that were favorites of John Morgan! The No. Country Fair pic is more recent….back in the “apres ski” days at Mr. Snow…I don’t recall it being blue:) 

If you have any old photos tucked away in a closet, scrapbook or basement that the Kings of Cape Cod Happy Hour Project are seeking to complete or would enhance their Documentary…please contact them directly on Facebook or me, thru the Blog and I’ll help coordinate.

Thanks for your assistance….we’re all waiting with bated breath to see the final Documentary!!….HH Parrot