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John Morgan Performs At His Natick, MA 50th High School Reunion!

The graduating class of 1962 at Natick High School was treated to a fantastic performance by one of their very own! Returning to his roots at the very beginning of his legendary Happy Hour career (spanning 50 years) must have brought back a flood of memories of classmates, old friends, old High School sweathearts and of course the great music of the day! I’m sure there were many dedications made to: Donna, Runaround Sue, Mary Lou, Peggy Sue and Sweet Caroline….with lots of Love Potion #9 to go around. Cheers HParrot!

John Morgan says….”Nice Cleavage!”

It’s all in a night’s work but Happy Hour Legend John Morgan continues to show he’s not only got an “ear” for great sing a long songs but an “eye” for the ladies…all in good fun of course!! His female fans are immediate targets when they walk thru the door or if he spots them sitting at the bar with his flashlight but they love it!! He’s a master at changing song lyrics on the fly to fit the occasion; like while singing the Boxtops big hit, “The Letter”…he adds, “my baby lifted her sweater!” Then yells, ….”now everybody lift your sweater”…and thanks the occasional guy that does:) He’s marking 50 years of performing professionally and for those of us who have “lived” his Happy Hours….he’s provided us a kind of “soundtrack” for our lives! Thanks John! Cheers, HHParrot