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John Morgan at Ocean’s 1-11-13!

john morgan at oceans 1-11-13

A big hello from John Morgan as he “belly’s up to the bar” following a recent Friday night show. John is booked at Ocean’s in Hyannis all winter, Friday nights 7-9 pm. Serving up his classic Happy Hour style of music and humor. Bring some friends along, like the “Old Cape Cod Days” and be prepared for an enjoyable, sing along, good  time! My thanks go out to Charlie Fraser for the candid photo! Cheers, HHParrot!

Sexy Bar Stools…a Big Ice Breaker!

sexy bar stools

Really cool bar stools…you have to look more than twice to see if those butts are real!! For sure, John Morgan’s Happy Hour venues will NOT be installing these….they’d be way too distracting for John to make it thru one song. But one can only imagine the cool pick-up lines that could be used…a definite Ice Breaker!!! Cheers, HHParrot

Marijuana Legal in Washington & Colorado States!


Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized in Washington and Colorado states, residents are not only smelling changes in the air but are starting to see changes everywhere…celebrating the weed. And one can almost hear Jonathan Edwards singing the classic song….”I’m gonna lay around the shanty mamma and put a good buzz on” in harmony with John Denver singing, “Rocky Mountain High!” Cheers, HHParrot

Husband Day Care Center!!

mn adventures 007

Now why didn’t I think of that? Just wanted to let my Massachusetts buddies know that the bars, taverns and saloons up here in Minnesota can be pretty creative and inviting!! And the traditional Happy Hours are alive and well! So, ladies…..next time you need a little “personal time or space”….remember this option and simply drop your hubby or boyfriend off at the local watering hole. Cheers, HHParrot

Move Over Groupon…You’ve Got Competition!

orgasm coupon

Greetings Happy Hour Fans! Marketing is the name of the game in this tight economy, sometimes you’ve got to think “out of the box” or as some experts suggest,  just make a “bigger box”…anyway, here’s a very creative new approach to increase Happy Hour audiences, especially during the quieter winter months on the Cape. Rumor has it that John M. Organ might be considering using this coupon to replace the “White iPad” giveaways he makes to adoring female fans…that has to be getting expensive!  Ladies, a heads up….it’s a safe bet the “place” will be Seagull Beach:) Cheers, HHParrot