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Is That John Morgan’s “Smilin’ Face on the Cover of the Rollin’ Stone?”

john morgan cover of the rolling stone

This photo says it all….and as Dr. Hook sang….”it’s the thrill that’ll getcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rollin’ Stone!” Cape Cod’s Happy Hour Superstar is starting his 51st year of singing and playing professionally and he just finished his 46th Summer on Cape Cod! Whether he’s singing an old Buddy Holly classic or twisting the lyrics on Red Solo Cup to “Double D Cups…you fill them up…let’s have a party,” his Happy Hours are the best and designed to entertain! It’s not only his musical talents but his ability to say just about anything (hide the kids) to his audience….”and get away  with it.” I recall well, back in the glory days, going to a John Morgan Happy Hour provided an integral part in the  foreplay process! Thanks John!!! Cheers, HHParrot

Mill Hill Club, W. Yarmouth, MA –FINISHED!!

mill hill club w. yarmouth

This historic Cape Cod Happy Hour location appears to be about to meet it’s end! It’s been vacant for at least 7 years and has turned into an “eyesore” on Rt. 28 according to town officials. News articles state, the building is to be razed and replaced with an Assisted Living “memory-care” facility. Home to generations of summer Happy Hours of festive singing, dancing and drinking; and music from great solo entertainers like DJ Sullivan and Gordie Milne and numerous bands….sadly now, the Mill Hill Club itself will become a distant memory….of our Happy Hour Glory Days! HHParrot