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John Morgan at Ocean's Bar 1-17-14

Here’s John pictured at Ocean’s Bar in Hyannis on 1/17/14, relaxed before his Friday night show, speaking to our HH Parrot Roving Reporter…Charlie F. A note, Oceans’s Bar/Restaurant may currently be closed temporarily, for the rest of the winter…please check John’s website at: www.johnmorganhappyhour.com  to find out his current performance schedule. Cheers, HH Parrot!


Dick Doherty 1963 (2) Dick Doherty Mill Hill Club 1963 (2)

Here is some “inside baseball” trivia for all you Happy Hour Junkies out there, like your’s truly! I have always been curious what “inspired” the great John Morgan to do what he does? What or who was his influences; was it a family member or a recording artist? We already know, as a young boy, he had the talent and was made to play and sing “The Tennessee Waltz” for his Mother and others in the family living room and as a teenager, played his first professional gig and earned $5 for playing a Ricky Nelson song at a Demolay dance, but….what was his true career inspiration? How do you make the leap from that time and space at a young age, to performing for the thousands of drunk, cheering, singing, adoring fans that would be packed into Pufferbellies and other venues over the years to experience the “best of the best” in Cape Cod Happy Hours? Well, in rare moments of detailing history on stage, he has finally revealed it! It started in the Spring of 1963, while John was a student at UMass Amherst, he attended a concert and saw three acts; “Buffy St. Marie, Taj Mahal and some young kid,” whom he didn’t know. Later that Summer, at the age of 19, he was visiting the Cape to attend his brother’s wedding. During his Cape stay, on the way to Craigville Beach one day, they stopped at Charlie’s Prospector Inn…and he walked into a new world and experienced his “first” Happy Hour. And here it comes….the rest of the story!!! On stage was that young kid he saw back at that Umass concert…it was Dick Doherty (pictured above)! He heard Dick singing, “I’ll Blow Your Socks Off”….saw the crowd’s reaction and John had an epiphany and he said, “I was home….I can do that!” So, it was Dick Doherty that was his inspiration!! Of course we then have some “missing years,” he tells of a break from college and travels to CA in 1965 and for a couple of years sang at a little bar on the Manhattan Beach pier but in 1967, John returned to Cape Cod and became the first Happy Hour singer at The Improper Bostonian in Dennis Port, MA! Cape Cod would never be the same. The early years revealed and the Legend begins! Cheers, HH Parrot!



improper bostonian 5 improper bostonian 4

Once upon a time…in the quiet, little Cape Cod town of Dennis Port, MA…it was the summer of 1967…the “official” Cape Cod Happy Hour was born. At it’s center was John Morgan…aka John M. Organ, the first Happy Hour solo entertainer at The Improper Bostonian. He describes his ground floor stage as being on the floor between Your Father’s Mustache (2nd floor) and Your Mother’s Bush! And for four years; summers for those that were willing to wait in a line that wrapped around the building, pay the cover charge and get past the ID check….life would never be the same! More to come in future posts. Cheers, HH Parrot!  


happy hour is the best hour tattoo

Say it loud and proud with ink! Cheers, HH Parrot!


drinking from beer belly & wine bra #1

OK now…here are a couple of really unique drinking containers! Great for getting past security at clubs and sporting events…unless they do pat downs:) What better than to carry you’re own flavor wherever you go…be it Cabernet Sauvignon or Sam Adam’s…makes a great gift for that special person that has everything! Cheers, HH Parrot!


toes in the water ass in the sand

Ahhhhhh….Life is good today!!! The Summer of 2014 is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate it’s coming but with an “image of summer.” Hope all you Happy Hour fans (young & old) seek out one of John Morgan’s unforgettable shows…it’s hard to believe, but he’ll be starting his 48th summer of playing and singing on Cape Cod…he’s a solo Happy Hour institution…who’s been able to successfully bridge the generations and by the way, does an excellent job with Zac Brown’s “Toes” along with the oldies we all remember and love to sing a long with!!! Cheers, HH Parrot!


cf at turtle beach, siesta key 2-25-14 cf at turtle beach, siesta key, fl 2-25-14

Here’s Charlie F., HH Parrot’s Roving Reporter, recently on field assignment at Turtle Beach, in Siesta Key Florida. Also wearing his “official” work T- Shirt! Charlie has the enviable job of seeking out, exploring, testing and reporting back on great Happy Hour locations. You may also see him DVD filming at John Morgan’s Cape Cod and off-Cape Happy Hours…thanks Charlie for all you do! If you see him, buy him a drink, he’s doing a fabulous job of keeping the Happy Hour Spirit alive for all of us! Cheers, HH Parrot!