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tip jar tip jar #2 tip jar #5 tip jar #6

In this terrible economy….one must get creative! Here are some great ideas to foster giving..if the quality of service is worth it! Cheers, HH Parrot!


beer barrel bed #1 beer barrel bed

Have too much to drink? Well, sleep it off in style in this vintage brewing barrel. This is great idea…especially for a ski lodge but I wonder how it would fit thur the door??? Cheers, HH Parrot!


peddle pub MN

I had the chance to participate in one of these mobile “pub crawls” up in Minnesota on the Pedal Pub…great fun! Bring your own beer during the ride, kept in coolers or you can get a keg…you have to do most of the work pedaling but with the group it’s easy! Your designated bartender serves from the middle area of the bike. Then you stop at various Bar/Tavern locations along your route for more drinks and pit stops, etc. The company driver is outgoing and “perfectly sober” and the responses; waves, hoots, thumbs up, etc. from folks along the way is very cool. I can only imagine the popularity of this Party Bike in some Cape Cod towns during summers with some college “hottie or stud” doing the driving…bet it would be a goldmine business; however, it’s probably wishful thinking…in Massachusetts, it would most likely be impossible to get a license…even though it’s proven to bring in significant business revenues to an area. Cheers, HH Parrot! 


johnson evinrude service evinrude engines

John Morgan gives us fans yet another “perfect” summer song for 2013! As summertime brings thoughts of the water, beaches and boats…John provides a “how to” on engine mechanics and performance to all you sweet things out there….thru song, in his unique version of “Big Ol’ Johnson.” You’ll learn how to “Squeeze, Choke, Pull & Trim his Big Ol’ Johnson”…and you’ll also find you…”don’t need no Evinrude!” Great fun…thanks John! Cheers, HHParrot


jm fan club t shirt

Wondering how to dress for Happy Hour style and success in 2013? That’s easy, simply wear the official John Morgan Fan Club t-shirt proudly! Made with “beer resistant” fabric…be the envy of your friends and neighbors and it’s a great way to show support for the start of John’s 47th summer of performing on Cape Cod. I’m not exactly sure how these shirts can be procured yet but if I find out, I’ll post it! I hope they have Bikini Thongs for the ladies…then perhaps John can be enticed into autographing them? Cheers, HHParrot

El Groino Spotted in P-Town!

el groino on the beach nude beach p-town ma

Many probably thought that “El Groino the Gay Ranchero” was just a fictional character in the classic Fabulous Farquahr song…but now, all you doubters, we have proof he exists!!! He and his Mexican hats were recently spotted on Herring Cove Nude Beach in Provincetown, MA. The map clearly shows the nude, gay and straight sections of the beach…unfortunately, his donkey Conswelo is not allowed on the beach…but find him and he may tip his hat to you!! Cheers, HHParrot

Ladies & Gentleman….a Toast to John Morgan’s 47th Happy Hour Summer on Cape Cod!

shoe shot #2 shoe shot #1 shoe shot #4

Another career milestone has been reached as the “Leader of the Band” John Morgan (a.k.a. John M. Organ, Rico Flashback & Chuck Jackson) begins his 47th Happy Hour Summer on Cape Cod! It all started back in 1967 at the Improper Bostonian in Dennisport, MA…and during these many years, he’s entertained thousands with his unique music and humor….while living his moto of “Friends, Laughter & Song!” And to the amazement and sometimes horror of new comers, he’s still doing “shoe shots”….or as he likes to describe them as “magic tricks”….by turning ordinary draft beer into Bass Ale…once it has been poured into his Bass Loafers! But not before receiving the final blessing of singing the “Heal….Toe, Heal….Toe” song! Bottoms up everyone…it’s not your ordinary run of the mill toast! Catch him this summer at Oceans in Hyannis, every Friday Night and Jake Rooney’s in Harwich Port, every Saturday night…for an unforgettable good time.  A word to the wise, John’s show gets pretty wild at Oceans, but Jake Rooney’s gets tamed a bit due to the family environment. So, pick your poison….it should be a great summer….”the old people are back!” Contratulations John!!! Cheers, HHParrot