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Happy Hour Parrot on a New Perch in Minnesota – 2011…Brrrrrrrrrr!

While Canadian Geese and all types of related winged fowls were singing  the Tom Rush version of “The Urge for Goin” and flying South…the Happy Hour Parrot was pulling a Reverse Snowbird move…leaving the sunny beaches of Southern California and landing in the wilds of Minnesota! Needless to say, lots of time will be spent fireside this winter with cocktail in hand…especially, when temps hit 35 below zero….however, not to worry, Happy Hour field reports will still be posted….even if sent via dog sled! The locals are proving to be of very hardy stock….where 2 for 1’s and super cheap Happy Hours are “alive and well” at all the bars and taverns….sorry Massachusetts! Cheers…HHParrot

Where’s the Nearest Happy Hour?

Arrrghh!!! I Want a Pint of Grog Too!!!

Arrrghh!!! I Want a Pint of Grog Too!!!

This bird’s got it’s priorities straight….don’t fall off your pearch now!!!!…HHParrot

Who is the Happy Hour Parrot?

His identity is revealed at the Happy Hour Parrot website …What the hell, let’s have another round!

The Happy Hour Parrot Hatches from the Egg!

Arrrghh!!! I want a pint of grog!!!