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John Morgan Begins His “46th Happy Hour Summer” on Cape Cod….Hide the Children!

It all started back in 1967! John informed his mother that he’s off to play his guitar and sing on Cape Cod….but only for the summer. Needless to say for his thousands of Happy Hour fans…..the rest is history! He now jokingly admits he’s done over 7,000 live shows….three of which he was completely sober. Throughout his career, Cape Cod remained his musical base of operations, especially during summers but New England’s changing seasons helped him expand his Happy Hours to winter’s in Vermont performing at The North Country Fare at Mt. Snow and at too many college town bars and pubs to list throughout Massachusetts,  like in Amherst, Springfield, Worchester, Holyoke, etc. Over the years, he’s perfected his unique craft of music and humor…and he’s sounding better than ever! You can currently catch him at Ocean’s in Hyannis on Friday nights and at Jake Rooney’s in Harwich Port on Saturday nights. Congratulations John on another milestone and keep those memories and Happy Hours alive!!! Cheers, HH Parrot

John Morgan Happy Hour Early 1970’s Memorabilia!

Hey blog fans, here’s a “rare” blast from the past….an early 1970’s vintage day-glow John Morgan Happy Hour Bumper Sticker with adhesive back still in place….WOW!!!! Condition is very good with few noticeable beer stains. Forget your 401K…and real estate is in the dumpster….so what is one to do? Here’s an idea….collect Happy Hour Memorabilia…if you can find it, it’s the next investment trend experts say! As New England Baby Boomers try to recapture those great memories from Cape Cod summers….it’s like an archaeological dig finding this stuff, unlike today’s digital photos and videos that record EVERYTHING!!!… HHParrot

“Snap-Jack” Shoes—Rico Flashback’s (a.k.a. John Morgan’s) Favorite!!

Attention all you “Cool Cats” out there…remember these? These “Snap Jack” shoes, also know as “Mouse Trap” shoes because of their Shu-Lock mechanism, were all the rage during the 50’s and 60’s with the Rockabilly circle; including Elvis, Carl Perkins and Gene Vincent! And of course today still worn by our one and only Rico Fashback (a.k.a. John Morgan). They have tried to copy them in Japan but the originals still remain King….are very rare and worth big bucks….check your closets and yardsales! I bought my first pair at Thom McAnn’s in Quincy SQ. but sadly lost them over the years! I’d like to thank Michael Y. for sharing these very rare advertising images!….HH Parrot

Rare Find–John Morgan’s “Live” LP Album—Autographed!

OK all you John Morgan fans….how many of you remember or have seen this gem…I’d guess this is circa 1968 and believe this was John’s only “live” musical release.  And this may also be one of the few still “above water”…let me explain. I can recall vividly down at The Sandy Pond Club on the Cape, one summer many moons ago during Happy Hour breaks, John held contests to see who could “skip/skim” his albums the furthest across the pond! So, I thought we’d have to use scuba gear to find any but thanks to this album’s long time owner, Charlie F. from Randolph sharing with us…we know at least one survived! The songs are wonderful…bringing us back to a much “kinder-gentler” time! ….HH Parrot

John Morgan….& His “Pufferbellies??”


Here’s another great blast from the past photo! Love the bumpersticker on your guitar John…you were always a master of marketing and promotion!….Looks like you were getting ready to announce that “both Cape Cod Bridges were CLOSED and everyone was stranded on the Cape…so let’s drink up!!!! You’re the best John!…HHParrot

John M. Morgan–& the “M” Stands for “Massive Talent!”


John Morgan still wowing his Cape Cod audiences with music memories and reminders of our wilder days. Here’s a recent pic taken at the Bass River Grill in S. Yarmouth (on the deck–6/26/09) by a devoted fan and my buddy (John F.)….thanks for having your cellphone camera and sharing with us all!…HHParrot