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Chicken Wings—gotta love them!

Probably the #1 Top pick for HH snacks are chicken wings! This Buffalo, NY creation has taken flight in so many directions over the years…it’s unbelievable. Once a throw away part or one destined for the soup stock, has been elevated to gourmet status! Share with us your favorite ways to have them…..chicken wings only, parrot wings are nasty!

Cheers…..the Happy Hour Parrot

Life in Thailand….goes on!

So, here we are in Thailand again, saying hello to the HHP & his band of merry men (and women)! Lately, things have been somewhat, how you say, !TENSE!, in the Land of Smiles. Bombs exploding; random gunfire; airports closed; train & bus stations blocked; striking workers protesting; changes in government (the Prime Minister stepped down 2 hours ago!), and more!!!!

But, through it all, somewhere down deep, I can’t repress the smile that grows slowly as I realize that last night’s bi-weekly Music Night at Kanya’s Romantic Garden, Jomtien Beach, Thailand went on, as usual, without a hitch. There were Germans, English, Dutch, at least one American!, and of course a lot of lovely Thai ladies. Forget about the fact that the Philppino trio, hired for the evening, had ongoing mechanical difficulties throughout the evening which prohibited the operation of all but one microphone and the computer notebook-generated “back up music.” Which meant that it was truly lucky that all in attendance were dedicatedly involved in the process of getting looped: Cause what we all were watching was karaoke, with the three musicians struggling to all sing through the same small mike, while playing the air guitar & being backed up by the computer. Whoa! Fun, fun, fun!

Needles to say… a good time was had by all…

Ahhhh, life in Thailand- what can I say?

Sawasdee, Krap!

Who is the Happy Hour Parrot?

His identity is revealed at the Happy Hour Parrot website …What the hell, let’s have another round!

The Happy Hour Parrot Hatches from the Egg!

Arrrghh!!! I want a pint of grog!!!