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John M. Morgan–& the “M” Stands for “Massive Talent!”


John Morgan still wowing his Cape Cod audiences with music memories and reminders of our wilder days. Here’s a recent pic taken at the Bass River Grill in S. Yarmouth (on the deck–6/26/09) by a devoted fan and my buddy (John F.)….thanks for having your cellphone camera and sharing with us all!…HHParrot

Flashback–“HAPPY HOUR” Ban Starts in Massachusetts Bars–Dec. 11, 1984! Beer Drinking Contests Go Secret!!!!


It’s coming up to 25 years my friends….the anniversary of the Happy Hour killer! Bars would never be the same again with all the strick rules and regs and legal restrictions! No more pitcher of beer chug-a-lug contests…2 for 1’s or other free booze giveaways! However, there’s always a rebel in the crowd….this young lady shows her opposition by conducting her own “bottoms up” contest in semi-private surroundings! BRAVO!!!….HH Parrot!